Monday, July 14, 2014

Short Documentary On A Genius Mind 2112

A Genius Mind 2112 short documentary is not about the inventors, who got to have lime light by their inventions, and was able to write their names in gold for the further generations to acknowledge but is about inventors who too worked hard on their inventions but never got a chance to be touched by the brightness of fame. Their names just got covered by the sands of time without being noticed by the world.

It is a documentary on invention of an amateur astronomer who died on 13th may 2013  after a 22yr struggle in delhi Mohammad irshad. He was the one who possessed thorough knowledge of universe which got lost with him . He unleashed the secret between water and life on earth . This tale of struggle was of a boy who lived in a tiny district of dhaubagh. Mohammad’s first witness of his struggle was his diary which was his only companion and had every thing engraved on it. He in it explained that water origin did not belong to earth these have come from the planet mars.

Truth Behind water and life on earth 

The entire universe was composed of hot glacier bubbles and the certain planet called minor planet or asteroid was the largest of all . and when it collapsed along with its satellites it broke in several pieces and got scattered in the atmosphere of the asteroids they consisted of hot gas which cooled down after breaking and started to reach sun , but on its way it met mars which consisted of hydrochloric acid with in a temperature of nearly 300 degree Celsius and since it was so hot the water evaporated while reacting with hydrochloric acid  Which lead to cloud formation and lightening followed by torrential rains which continued for months. 

This collected froth over its surface and lead to huge oceans in mars. Due to its weight mars got tilted and it is still tilted. This water gave birth to life and continued for 7 crore yrs after which the glaciers of ice started melting and destroyed every form of life leaving mere water all over. Soon the water left mars to reach sun but it met earth on its way. Which had exact temp like mars 300 degree Celsius with hydrochloric acid in abundance the history repeated of mars on earth and thus life came into being. But the sad news is that our earth is just a little short of completing its 7 crore years and the moment it will complete it will be destroyed just like mars. Then again the water will leave earth and will move towards sun reaching Venus on its way.
Mohammad's knew that no one believes his analysis as there is no proof but the fact will remain fact and the indications are silently appearing before us like ozone layer depletion, diminishing magnetic field of earth, frequent earthquakes, unseasonal rains, unseasonal weather, the catastrophe that struck kedarnath, tsunami at japan and sri lanka, america’s typhoon sandy etc and there is so much yet to come. Which makes us confront with the reality. The only thing we could now do is live our remaining lives with peace and harmony.

All this truth found out by Mohammad was shared with his friend. and to know about it further a feature film A Genius Mind 2112 which contains all the answers by Mohammad is about to come those who want or desire to confront the truth can watch this Our Short Movie "A GENIUS MIND 2112"  and can also share their precious suggestions with us .

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